How to migrate your WordPress site (minus the panic attacks)


WordPress migrations are complex and annoying…  You need to invest the time and manual effort (a prerequisite for this is know-how), but you can make mistakes even after all of this.

Why we built Migrate Guru

At BlogVault, performing migrations for customers meant we had to go head-to-head with these issues… which frankly, was pretty panic-inducing.

Luckily for us though, we engineered our way through it. We built an in-house migration tool, which eventually led us to partner with web hosts such as WP Engine, Flywheel, Pantheon, and others (and perform over 500,000 successful migrations). However, the experience  also showed us exactly how big of a problem WordPress migration was.

We built Migrate Guru as a way to give back to the WordPress community. It’s our free WordPress migration plugin that makes migrations easy, fast, and reliable.


How Migrate Guru is different

How to use Migrate Guru

[Disclaimer: While you’d expect this to be a lengthy tutorial, the reason it’s so short is because there aren’t too many steps to be taken]

  1. Make sure you have WordPress installed on the destination site (and that it’s publicly available)
  2. Install & activate Migrate Guru on the source site

3. Choose a host, cPanel or FTP

4. Enter the necessary details, and click ‘Migrate’.

Here’s a walkthrough video to show exactly how easy it is:

Try out Migrate Guru today!