Onboard 30% More Customers, 80% Faster... With 0% of the Effort

What’s your pain point when it comes to onboarding?

If you’re a web host, you might say ‘the entire migration process’.

We get it.

While selling your hosting platform’s value to a WordPress site owner is very important, getting the customer aboard your hosting service is a different beast altogether. Existing solutions are crafted to solve the issues of single site owners and developers… but they fall short of meeting the higher demands of web hosts.​

How migration solutions are not suited to web hosts

1. The migration process is complex, while tools available today are prone to failure.

2. Migration issues crop up often. With the migration tools available today, this also means constant monitoring.

3. Most migration plugins still need manual work to complete the migration process.

4. Edge-cases such as multisite networks, ecommerce sites, and sites with custom files and tables are even more complex.


BlogVault helped solve these issues for over 500,000 customers. Eventually we gathered enough insights to become the official onboarding partners of some of the top WordPress hosting hosts in the world (read: WP Engine, Flywheel, and many others).

Our partnerships with web hosts also helped us see that WordPress migration is a widespread problem, even for web hosts. This is why we came up with an innovative way to help solve onboarding issues: Migrate Guru.

What is Migrate Guru?

Migrate Guru is our free, fully-automated migration plugin that is the FASTEST, easiest, most reliable way to move WordPress sites.It saves more than 80% of your onboarding time and effort.

1. ​How Migrate Guru saves your team’s time:

Most migration plugins takes 1- 2 hours to migrate a WordPress site of 600 MB.
Migrate Guru in comparison migrates 600 MB sites in under 15 minutes!

2. How Migrate Guru saves you the effort:

WordPress migrations are can fail for a number of reasons… which means they require heavy-handed monitoring and troubleshooting.

Migrate Guru on the other hand, needs NO monitoring, or troubleshooting. With Migrate Guru, the migration process is simpler than ever before. There are no export-import scripts (or any manual work at all for that matter). All your team has to do is:

Here’s a quick walkthrough to show you exactly how easy Migrate Guru is to use:

Another benefit, is that Migrate Guru helps you get more customers, faster than any other migration tool. 

1. It attracts 30% more customers:

With an automated onboarding tool, you can position your company with some of the best WordPress web hosts in the world!
You can ‘take care of’ migration for your customers. 

2. It increases your onboarding rate by 25%:

Faster onboarding = more onboards within the same time frame!

But don’t take our word for it… The benefits can be measured directly!

If you’d like to know more about Migrate Guru, click here:

Migrate Guru is completely free, and is available for download, from the WordPress plugin repository.

To download the plugin, click here:

If you’d like to avail of the developer offer or explore how your company can use Migrate Guru, please drop us a mail atsupport@migrateguru.com. Our team will get in touch with you.