Unless you know your way around a WordPress site, migration can be an intimidating process. It can involve constant monitoring, and manual work… and if you don’t know what you’re doing, your site could be inaccessible.

BlogVault recently released ‘Migrate Guru’, a fully-automated WordPress migration plugin to make the process as simple as possible.

Migration is inevitable in the life-cycle of any WordPress site. However, the fact that migrations can fail, time out, and need frequent monitoring makes it a process that needs critical monitoring.

Migrate Guru, a free, fully automated WordPress migration plugin (from the team behind BlogVault) solves every issue that exists with WordPress migrations today. It’s a clean, easy, fast and reliable way to move any WordPress site, or multisite network.


BlogVault is the official migration and onboarding partner of some of the top WordPress hosts in the world (such as WP Engine, Flywheel, Pantheon, Liquid web, and many others) because of its reliable migration technology.


The Migrate Guru plugin was built using BlogVault’s insights from over 500,000 successful migrations.


In the world of WordPress Migration plugins, Migrate Guru stands out because it’s simple, easy, fast, and free.

Move 80% faster

It’s the fastest way to move WordPress sites. The plugin can move a site of 600 MB in under 12 minutes, from and to any web host in the world.

Move to ANY web host

No matter which web host you’re moving to or from, Migrate Guru is designed to make the process as simple, and as reliable as possible. You don’t need any special permissions, or to deactivate any other plugins on your site.

Redefine '1-click'

The migration process is as simple as choosing the destination host, entering its details, and clicking ‘Migrate.

Migrate without stress!

Migrate Guru is built to reduce your stress on 2 levels:

Migrations don’t fail or risk your site since they run on our servers.

You’re also notifies of the progress of the migration (via email alerts, and a real-time migration progress screen)

Intelligent processes

Migrate Guru’s intelligent technology automates the entire migration process for you.

There are:

  • No import and export scripts (i.e. no downloading or uploading).

  • No search and replace afterwards.

  • No need to install the plugin on the destination site.

Comprehensive migrations

Migrate Guru is an end-to-end migration tool built to even work with:

  • Large sites (as large as 200 GB)

  • Entire multisite networks

  • WooCommerce sites

Every single one of these migration cases is handled automatically, and doesn’t need any manual intervention, or add-ons.

Other than the above advantages, Migrate Guru is easier to use than the most popular methods of migration. 

Here’s a table, just to make the differences clear:

FeaturesManual migrationMigration pluginsMigrate Guru
InstructionsVery clearly detailed by the WordPress codex.Not all of them have clear instructionsThorough documentation
Technical knowledgeRequiredRequired
Manual workRequiredRequiredNot required
Monitoring and troubleshootingRequiredRequiredNot required
Real-time Progress reportsNot sentNot sentSent automatically, by default
Email notifications about statusNot sentNot sentSent automatically, by default
Multisite networks and WooCommerce sitesCan be complicatedNeed paid addonsNo addons required, very easy
Large sitesCan be complicatedTakes a long time, might fail Need paid addonsNo addons required, very easy


Enter Destination DetailsClick ‘Migrate’ = View Migrated Site

What you need for the plugin to work:

  1. A publicly available destination domain
  2. Migrate Guru installed on the source site
  3. WordPress installed on the destination
  4. Your destination site’s details


Here’s a quick walkthrough of the plugin to show you just how easy Migrate Guru makes things

You can also try Migrate Guru out for yourself!

If you’d like to avail of the developer offer or explore how your company can use Migrate Guru, please drop us a mail at support@migrateguru.com.